Limited edition birthday cake candle

officially one year old! time to celebrate!

Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Sweet vanilla overtones to make you think of delightful sprinkled frosting!

Summer Scent Restock!


Watermelon Mojito? Peach Iced Tea? Freshly Cut Grass? There’s something for everyone in this fresh new collection! Here until the end of August!

XL Pumpkin Shaped Car Diffusers Have Arrived

In three different fragrances!

Eco-friendly as sustainable, these refillable diffusers are even bigger and better than the original! Perfect for giving your car a fresh and fragrant boost. These bottles of goodness can also be used to freshen up small spaces such as drawers and wardrobes.


Mix and match your favourite scents from rinkydink art!

Does Sweet Fudge, Witches Brew or maybe some Pecan Pie tickle your fancy? Dive in now and grab your favourite scents while stocks last!


Pick and choose your favourite scents in the new wax melts!

Creepy dolls heads and some strong-smelling wax melts? A match made in heaven! New for 2021, this range is definitely a must for lovers of the strange and unusual!

Black Cherry Cola tickle your fancy? Or how about some sweet frozen delights of icy margaritas?

Improve your scent throw and burn quality with these delightful additions to any candle lovers arsenal! Available in matte black or rose gold.

Pillar Candles

The Product That Started It All...

These candles have been selling fast, with a certain candle about emo bands being a customer favourite! I love creating these pillar candles. They’re what started this whole business!

Dolls Head Wax Melts

Handmade scented soy wax melts are now available

These wax melts are perfect for those that want to strike the balance of creepiness and coolness! Shaped like porcelain dolls heads, RinkyDink Art’s wax melts are a delightfully weird conversation starter. If the shape doesn’t get a conversation going, the scent definitely will!


Car Fragrance Diffusers Have Officially Arrived!

Eco-friendly as sustainable, these refillable diffusers are perfect for giving your car a fresh and fragrant boost! These bottles of goodness can also be used to freshen up small spaces such as drawers and wardrobes.

Refills Available!

Car Diffuser refills are here!

Eco-friendly and sustainable, you can now top up your diffuser! Available in all 4 scents, each bottle contains 2 refills for your diffuser.

Candle Coasters

New designs have arrived

Handmade from glass, these coasters are the perfect companion to your scented candles. Designed to protect your surfaces from any heat damage from a hot scented candle container.

The Fudge Range Is Now On Sale

Sweet and soothing, but they might make you hungry!

Here until they’re sold out, this is your last chance to get some sweet delights at a reduced price! Now at 50% off.

Vintage Macabre Mental Health Prints

The latest range of prints are a perfect touch for an alternative twist in your home decor. Inspired by mental health advodacy and allowing your mind to blossom.

From £2.50

Available in multiple sizes to suit anywhere in your home!

Customer Testimonials

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Aimee’s work is incredible, beautifully packaged, amazing scents and such unique and fun designs, they work for anyone, but for this recovering emo they are perfect. Customer service is out of this world! Such a kind and well humoured approach, can’t fault her! SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY HERE!
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I bought 2 pillar candles, an apple pie tin, screaming skull soap and the kitty soaps. I think all the products Ive tried so far have been fantastic quality, well made, well packaged and speedily dispatched. Its also been fantastic watching the processess of the items I felt so connected to them and when they arrived it was like meeting a superstar 🤗😂. Cant wait till re-opening. Best wishes for the future and taking us along on your journey.
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I recently purchased the Emo candle after stalking it via Instagram. I’m 42 years old but still an emo/goth at heart! Rinkydinkart is an amazing independent company and the products are fantastic! Arrived very quickly with lovely packaging. Can’t say enough nice things!!
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I have bought MANY witches brew candles (and lots and lots of other scents too) I was introduced to this candle many months ago when I bought it simply for the name and how fascinated I am with witches. I’d ordered a few other halloween ones too but this one stood out to me the most. The smell is something so hard to describe but has now become a comfort scent because of all the times I’ve had it burning through the months. It’s a sweet warm scent and it will fill you will happiness and a comfort when you burn it. I currently have 4 of them in my room at the moment and I have no idea how many i’ve gone through! Aimee kindly decided to keep Witches Brew as a permanent scent in her collection and nothing has made me happier!!!! No more need to bulk buy haha! The design and thought that goes into everything Aimee makes is amazing and I know I will continue to support her <3
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I don't usually buy candles, but when I saw all the unique scents you had I HAD to give you a follow and place an order! The scent that initially caught my eye was spiced cookies as I thought my friend would absolutely love it and I was not wrong at all! It smells amazing and it just makes me feel so warm and cozy. BIG autumn vibes! I also got witches brew which is super fresh, clean and light smelling. Pecan pie which smells AMAZING, to me it smells like buttery pastry and vanilla and it smells quite literally good enough to eat! My favourite by far was the vanilla bean coffee! It made my whole house smell like Starbucks I'm genuinely in love. The only one I didn't like was the cinnamon but that was only because I hate cinnamon (it was bought for my friend) and the scent was so powerful I could smell it before opening the box! My friend adores it though she says it reminds her of Christmas! Overall such a lovely experience and the customer service was amazing, so friendly and helpful!

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