Frequently Asked Questions​

Let's Talk Candle Care

Getting It Right From The First Burn

everything you need to know when it comes to candles from rinkydink art

How long do I burn my candles for?

It depends on which sized candle you have. If you have a regular sized tin (145g), you should burn these for up to 3-4 hours at a time. If you have a larger sized tin (225g), you should burn these from 4-6 hours at a time. Burning a candle for too long could mean your wick might begin to mushroom and burn hotter, this can heat the candle more than recommended and melt away the wax faster.

Why do I need to trim my wick before lighting?

Trimming your wick will allow the candle to burn at a safe temperature. If it is not trimmed on each burn, it may "mushroom" (this is where the wick curls at the top). This can result in the wick burning hotter, which can dirty the wax, and it may begin to release soot. Don't worry, sooting is very common with cotton candle wicks, but if you can avoid it even better!

How short should i trim my wick?

Generally speaking the wick should always be 1.5cm above the wax each time you burn your candle. This applies to all candles from RinkyDink Art.

Some Helpful tips you should know


It's easy to remove black soot from jars, allowing them to be reused.

Warm soapy water will remove any soot present on your jar candle. Ceramic and Glass jars are best handwashed, as they generally aren't dishwasher safe.


you should always make sure you get a nice even melt pool on your first burn

When you burn a candle for the first time, it's important that an even melt pool reaches across the candle. The reason being, if an uneven melt pool appears on the first burn, your candle can "tunnel" and burn the wax straight down, leaving a rim of wax on the outer edges. This is more of an issue for jars however, as the metal tins from RinkyDink Art usually conduct enough heat to burn all wax.


you can save a drowning wick!

If you think you might have trimmed your wick slightly too short, and it looks like it is struggling, you can gently tip away excess wax from a candle straight into the bin. Yes, it's a bit of a waste, but it at least means the whole candle doesn't have to go in the bin!


tin candles from RinkyDink Art are recyclable

The tin candles from RinkyDink Art are 100% recyclable, meaning they can go in your standard recycling bin.


Postage and packaging from rinkyDink Art is 100% recyclable

Okay, this one isn't technically about candles, but it's still important! The box, the bubblwrap, the tape, it's all recyclable! RinkyDink Art uses biodegradable bubblewrap and eco-friendly packaging tape for all orders.

Enjoy your candle because when you bought it, someone did a little happy dance

All candles from RinkyDink Art are made by hand. So much care and time goes into making sure every product looks great and delivers on quality. If you'd like to leave a testimonial about the product you bought, feel free to get in touch for a chance to have it featured on the website home page! Just send an email over to