Cinnamon Rolls Dolls Head Wax Melts (VG)


Vegan and cruelty-free.

Each bag of wax melts contains eight heads.

A sweet and spicy fragrance that effortlessly evokes feelings of homely comforts and warm cinnamon buns on a cold winter morning. This beloved fragrance provides a gracious and comforting ambience with smooth vanilla undertones!

Important to note: These melts are a luxury product and as such they’re made to ensure each creepy cranium packs a punch! If you’re using a small, 5cm burner, it is recommended that you start with one melt at a time. For larger burners, it is also recommended to start with one melt at a time, building up gradually over time.

For full care info for wax melts, see below.

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Handmade scented soy wax melts, made proudly in Leeds, UK.

Caring For This Product

In order to get the best performance out of this product, it is recommended you follow the below guidelines for use:

  • Place melts in a clean and empty oil burner or electric warmer bowl.
  • Do not add any water or oil and use unscented tealights.
  • When the fragrance is spent, allow wax to cool and harden, remove from the bowl and dispose with househould waste.
  • Do not wash or dispose spent wax down the drain!

How To Dispose Of Your Spent Wax

There are a couple of ways you can get rid of spent wax melts:

  • You can light a tea light and after a few seconds it will warm the bottom of the wax enough to push out of the oil bowl and then wipe clean.
  • You can use a blunt instrument to gently persuade the wax from the burner.
  • If you want to crack on with your next melt, but your wax is still in liquid form, use a cotton ball to soak it up and empty the bowl.
Weight 71 g
Dimensions 2 × 14.5 × 15 cm